NGN Healthcare – New Generation Nutraceuticals srl, is an Italian company born from the experience gained through years of activity and research by professionals in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry, food chemistry and the world of nutraceuticals.


NGN conceives the Nutraceutical as the upgrade of a healthy food that combines high digestibility and hypoallergenicity, the healing properties of natural active ingredients, of proven and recognized effectiveness. The use of nutraceuticals is associated with the concept of medicine of initiative, to optimize the physiological functions of each individual and to ensure health and well-being, but at the same time to minimize the risk of metabolic diseases, focusing on prevention as tool to avoid or reduce the onset and development of diseases.
Our philosophy is “beyond diet, before drug”.
We choose to treat the well-being of the individual, respecting the environment.
The company selects the best phytocomplexes deriving from food matrices, paying particular attention to the use of products commonly classified as “food wastes”, food scraps, using these substances, their extracts or purified bioactive principles, as matrices suitable for the formulation of nutraceuticals . Thus, the waste becomes a precious resource, respecting an important theme such as eco-sustainability.

NGN Italia - Nutraceutica

NGN proposes an innovative approach to the formulation of nutraceutical and cosmeceutical products, taking care of all the phases, from the isolation, to the characterization and evaluation of the biological properties of the bioactive components. NGN has the know-how to manage all the steps, from the design and registration of a new product and marketing. The real strength of our company is the proven effectiveness of every product put on the market, validated by in vitro tests and clinical studies, working in close collaboration with the University of Naples “Federico II”, Research Institutes and Protection Consortia . Among the key products of the NGN concept are those based on Melannurca Campana PGI in the “AnnurMets hair®” lines, for the well-being and hair thickening, “AnnurMets HDL + ®” and “AnnurRed®”, useful in hypercholesterolemias. Through the sales network of the major intermediate distributors, our nutraceuticals are present in all pharmacies and parapharmacies throughout the country.